Access Statement for Little Walk Cottage


Our self catering cottage is converted from an old stable block and is one storey high. We have tried to provide as much information as possible in this statement, if you have any queries please do call. We look forward to welcoming you.


Bookings and enquiries can be made via e-mail, fax or phone. Details on our website.

The nearest bus stop is in Thorganby village, approximately 2 miles from the cottage. The nearest train stations are Market Rasen (10 miles) and Grimsby (12 miles). There is a standard taxi service in Thorganby village. We can arrange for shopping to be delivered on arrival.

Arrival and Car Parking Facilities

There is a driveway at the front of the cottage with ample parking. All cars can drop off at the entrance onto a spacious paved area. The driveway is gravel and slightly inclined. Parking is 2/3 metres from the entrance.

Main Entrance

The entrance at the front has 1 step (16 cm high, 27 cm deep and 1 m wide).

The door is 1 m wide. The keyhole lock is 104 cm high.

Inside the front entrance is the kitchen/dining/sitting area which is all on one

Kitchen/Dining/Sitting Area

The sitting room is open plan with the dining area and kitchen.

There is a rectangular table (moveable side to side) with legs on each corner, 62cm from floor to lowest point of table. It is 1.4m long, 0.89m wide and 0.76m high.

Free space between table and kitchen cabinets is at least 85cm all around.

The chairs are moveable. There are 4 chairs all with no arms. There is an additional chair with arms that can be moved to the dining table.

There is free space of 1.25m by 1m clear of doors and furniture, except between sofa and arm chair, but these are moveable.

Flooring is ceramic tiles with a rug, which is moveable, in front of the wood burning stove.

There is one double sofa and two easy chairs, all with arms.

Teletext TV provided with remote control. Also provided are DVD, stereo with CD, radio and tape all with remote controls.

From the kitchen there is a step up through doors into corridor which leads to bedrooms, shower room and bathroom.

Kitchen is open plan with sitting and dining area. The worktop height is 90cm.

The oven door is drop down; the height of lowest shelf is 49cm and can be accessed from both sides. The sink is 90cm high with cupboards underneath.

The hob is 90cm high and with plates.

Flooring is ceramic tiles.

At least 89cm free space between all furniture and worktops.

Evenly lit kitchen with architectural strip light above work surfaces, the switch for this light is in the corridor and is the second switch from the right.

Fridge freezer, (fridge at the top, freezer at the bottom). The highest shelf in the fridge is 1.9m, but it is movable.

The door width out of the kitchen, into the corridor, is 80cm and the step is 17.5cm high, 30cm deep and 87cm wide.


There is a standard size washer/dryer, which is front loading, provided in the kitchen.

The Garden Room

There are four steps down into the Garden Room, with a pet/child gate which can be removed if necessary.

They are 93cm wide and there is a hand rail

1st step – 22cm deep, 16cm high
2nd step – 20cm deep, 16cm high
3rd step – 18.5cm deep, 15cm high and 185cm wide
4th step – 18cm deep, 16cm high space

There is 50cm around all furniture, but all furniture is moveable

Patio Doors leading on to the Terrace

There are 2 doors, each 65cm wide
The keyhole handle is 90cm high

The bolts are 182cm high.


Steps down from terrace onto gravel drive.


There is a step in the corridor which leads to both bedrooms; this is after the shower room.

The step is 26.5cm high and 98cm wide. There is a grab handle to the left of this step.
There is then 3.29m to the second step which takes you up into Bedroom 1.

This step is 18cm high and 75cm wide.

Bathroom with WC

The door width is 82cm.

Bath height is 55cm, but with bath rail

Free space in the bathroom (free of doors and furniture) is 90cm by 160cm.

Lavatory seat height is 43cm from the floor, with spatula-shaped flush handle.

There is free space to the front of the lavatory.

There is a grab rail for the basin.

Flooring is ceramic tiles.

The space under the washbasin has pipes.

Shower Room with WC

The door is 65cm wide

The lavatory is 43cm high with no hand rails in free space of 80 cm

The shower enclosure with shower tray is 57cm wide, 70cm deep.

There is a grab rail in the shower.

The controls are 1.28m high

The sink is 80cm high.

Bedroom 2

The bedroom is carpeted

The door width is 79cm

The beds are 2 singles (3’ wide) and they can be joined together to make a 6’ bed

Bed height is 64cm

Largest transfer space is 50cm around beds and furniture

Bed is moveable if more space is required

Largest free area is 70cm by 80cm

Bedroom 1

The bedroom is carpeted

The door width is 80cm

The double bed is zip and link and is 6’ wide

The bed height is 66cm from the floor to the top of the mattress

Feather duvets and pillows and provided

Sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases are cotton percale

Largest transfer space available to left or right of bed is 80cm

Bed is moveable if more space is required to one side

Largest free space clear of doors and furniture is 140cm by 120cm

Grounds and Gardens

There is a large area of grass

Additional Information

Two information folders are produced in size 12 font

Contact Information

Address: Little Walk Cottage, Thorganby Hall, Grimsby, DN37 OSR
Telephone 01472 399022
Website details.
Thorganby Hall phone number 01472 398270

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